Forecast and Pricing Specialists

Through helpful insight into the inner workings of your business, we can enable you to grow your business with flexible and profitable costing, forecasting and pricing models. Okumm will give you the confidence to charge what you're worth. Whether it's renovation, providing flowers at weddings, building a website or even furniture.


Pricing Workshop

We've found that entrepreneurs aren't sure where to start improving their pricing. As a result, we are offering a free price workshop* to guide you in taking your first steps in the right direction

*Limited Time Only

Improve your pricing

We assist in determining how much your product/ service really costs your business.
We also assist in shaping your price communication to increase the perceived value of your business.

Who we Are

We are passionate about working with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and small business owners who are excited to see their company grow.

We are driven to help reduce the financial pressure small business owners find themselves in as a result of little or no growth or low-profit margins. We are committed to enabling entrepreneurs to have a positive impact on their environment.

Our modern approach to financial modelling borrows principles from job costing and throughput accounting. We've removed all guesswork and changed assumptions into measurable metrics. The result is in a flexible model that accurately reflects the profit potential of a business.

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