External Value

Increase your perceived value and sell more

Professional Consulting

We tailor made pricing consultation solutions based on your USP, market position and business model.
Ideal for entrepreneurs who realise they are under charging or struggling to break into the market at higher pricing positions.

Price Assessment

Effective Diagnostic.

Your benefit
Receive tailored feedback on your current price position.
Give your customers better reason to buy from you.
Receive suggested industry proven pricing strategies.
Learn about improved revenue generating possibilities.

How does it work?
Conduct a quick assessment on your pricing.
Learn how to shape your perceived value.
Review viable pricing startegies
We'll suggest improved revenue models.

4 Sessions

Gauranteed to improve your pricing position.

Your benefit
Identify your true value (USP)
Give your customers a better reason to buy from you.
Be safe - consider strategies that have been proven.
Finally impliment an improved and profitable pricing position

How does it work?
we'll run through a benefit matrix excersie to identify your USP.
Identify applicable pricing strategies and new pricing positions.
Test the market to identify optimal solution
Finalise new pricing position based on your internal model.

Custom Proposal

Focussed and effective.

Your benefit
We'll create an accurate tailored proposal
The goal is to implement a quick and effective solution
That delivers provides immediate relief and results in a profitable pricing stretegy.

How does it work?
We'll review your current pricing situation.
Identify your pain points.
Create a proposal that addesses exactly what you require.
Establish new pricing positions.

Grow you Business

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Improve your profitability with a better understanding of how to communicate your value. Get in touch with our team and we'll setup a meeting.