Your Internal Value

Make sure you charge what you're worth

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We deliver tailor made costing and revenue models engineered specifically to improve the profitability of your business.
Ideal for forward thiking entrepreneurs that have found product market fit and are looking to accelerate growth.

Costing Model

Make sure your costs are covered.

With guesswork removed and assumptions replaced with actionable metrics, you will:
Be able to model your product or service processes.
Determine your cost price based on all your resources.
Update your costs as you grow.

How does it work?
Enter your data, no formulas required.
Accurate costing model.
Free consultation on how to extract value.

Pricing Model

Optimise your profits.

With an establish relationship between your margin, sales target and profit target - you will:
Have the right information to make accurate/ informed decisions.
Tweak your model to identify high margin areas.
Position your pricing to optimise your profit.

How does it work?
Adjust your margins & sales target to optimise your profit.
Model various pricing strategies from a safe baseline.
Model the effect of profit reinvested back into the company.

Forecasting Model

Grow easier.

With an improved forecasting model, you will:
Have better clarity on your resource usage.
Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
Identify when you’ll be required/ can afford to - Hire new employees or purchase new equipment.

How Does it work?
Change your sales targets and resources required to model various scenarios.
See the number of hours required to meet the sales targets.
See the amount of resources required to meet sales targets.

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