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Learn how to impliment a winning pricing strategy

Pricing Specialist

Add value to a major function in your business from a single session.
Take away an improved pricing positions to improve your profitaility and competitiveness.

20 Minutes

Take the first step.

You will learn:
To understand the real impact of pricing.
How the leaders in small business pricing think.
To understand your own worth.
How to communicate your true value proposition.

What we'll look at
What is pricing.
Common mistakes.
Understanding your internal value.
Shaping your external value.

60 Mintutes

All you need to know to improve your pricing.

You will learn:
How to understand the pricing ecosystem, from marketing to accounting.
How to sell at a price the works for you and your customers.
So that you don't undersell yourself.
How to avoid bottlenecks because of incorrect costing.
How to make smart pricing decisions, that are industry proven.

What we'll look at:
How to think about pricing.
Internal vs External value.
How to determine your cost price and safe price.
How to forecast resource usage.
7 principles of pricing and 10 pricing strategies.

Full Day

Masterclass on pricing.

You will learn how to:
Run a full exercise on how to determine your costs with clever principles.
Show you the secret formula to determine a safe margin.
Run through a relevant example.
Uncover the connection between you USP and selling price.

WE'll look at how to:
Calculate your cost price.
Determine a safe selling price.
Forecast your resource usage.
Conduct an actual benefit matrix exercise.
Review and implement relevant pricing strategies.
Implement a new selling price.

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